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19 01 2020 | 14:51

Why India is the new hotspot for renewable energy investors.

  India is home to one of the largest clean-energy expansion programmes. Support from the government and foreign investors is driving this growth. There is still more the state can do to support…

19 01 2020 | 14:31

Wind energy ready to help deliver Europe’s Green Deal Investment Plan.

The European Commission unveiled today its Sustainable Europe Investment Plan, the financial pillar of the European Green Deal.

18 01 2020 | 11:44

Transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2050 would pay for itself.

The cost of a global transition to 100% renewable energy would be $95 trillion CAD, but researchers say the investment would pay for itself in only seven years. Transitioning to 100 per cent…

18 01 2020 | 11:21

Renewables ‘dominate’ European energy mix in 2019.

Renewable energy sources overtook fossil fuels as Europe’s primary electricity source for the first time in 2019, according to energy market data analyst EnAppSys. The company’s latest report on the…

17 01 2020 | 07:59

Egypt- Electricity Ministry considers adding renewable energy offers to its 2035 Strategy.

The Ministry of Electricity studies adding bids of private companies to establish renewable energy plants to its 2035 Strategy which aims to produce about 47% of Egypt's total energy from renewable…

17 01 2020 | 07:53

OVO completes acquisition of SSE Energy Services.

OVO Energy has completed the acquisition of SSE’s GB household energy business. OVO Energy has announced that it now owns SSE’s GB household energy business. Through its retail brands OVO now serves…

17 01 2020 | 07:33

Octopus secures £185m renewables mandate from National Grid UK Pension Scheme.

Octopus Renewables has secured a £185 million clean energy mandate from the National Gird UK Pension Scheme. Octopus Renewables, the specialist clean energy investor and part of Octopus Group, has…

17 01 2020 | 07:16

India identifies offshore wind energy potential of 70,000 MW along Gujarat, TN coasts.

The government has planned to develop the first off-shore wind energy project of 1 GW capacity off the coast of Gujarat.

17 01 2020 | 07:10

Power of the PPA: the risks and rewards of buying energy at source.

As the world shifts to a clean energy mix, the landscape of power purchase agreements could change. Private companies are now looking to buy power directly from producers, cutting out utility…

13 01 2020 | 14:52

Registration Opening Soon for Renewable Energy Markets Asia: 28 April 2020

Join us for the groundbreaking inaugural conference focused on Asian renewable energy markets. REM Asia will be a regional one-day event that features keynotes and panel discussions offering in-depth…

13 01 2020 | 10:09

Double the Share of Renewables in the ‘Decade of Action’ to Achieve Energy Transition Objectives.

USD 10 trillion of fossil fuel investment must be redirected towards energy transformation by 2030

13 01 2020 | 07:51

WA Government Funding Renewable Hydrogen Feasibility Studies.

Western Australia’s McGowan Government has stumped up $1.68 million to support renewable hydrogen feasibility studies across the state. The money is coming from the State Government’s Renewable…

13 01 2020 | 07:41

Fukushima unveils plans to become renewable energy hub.

Japan aims to power region, scene of 2011 meltdown, with 100% renewable energy by 2040. Fukushima is planning to transform itself into a renewable energy hub, almost nine years after it became the…

13 01 2020 | 07:16

2019 saw the rise of wind power and the collapse of coal.

Scaling up renewable energy has catapulted Britain through a decade of electrical system change.

13 01 2020 | 07:01

As wind and solar power rise, EU seeks more grid ‘flexibility’.

An integrated electricity market, with more grid interconnections and storage solutions “of all types” are at the centre of EU plans to build a more resilient electricity system able to deal with…

11 01 2020 | 14:34

First Large Battery in Republic of Ireland Targets Super-Fast Grid Services.

The Fluence-supplied battery system will make money via a new product that rewards high-speed frequency response. The Republic of Ireland recently received its first grid-scale battery, which will…

11 01 2020 | 14:32

Belgium’s total electricity share from renewable energy reaches new highs.

For the first time since 2010, Belgium exported more electricity than it imported, it emerged from figures produced by high voltage network operator Elia that states the situation is the “reverse of…

11 01 2020 | 14:18

Greenpeace says China's tech firms trailing on renewable energy goals.

SHANGHAI • China's Internet firms have fallen behind global peers in sourcing energy from clean, renewable sources, with soaring use of Internet data driving up energy demand and carbon emissions,…

11 01 2020 | 13:55

Renewables Poised to Support New Age of Development as Global Decision Makers Gather for 10th Assembly.

More than 1,500 delegates from around the world arrive in Abu Dhabi to advance the energy transformation