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10 12 2019 | 06:15

AFRICA: RES4Africa and GWEC team up to develop renewable energy sources.

The Renewable Energy Solutions for Africa Foundation (RES4Africa) and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) have agreed to carry out activities to promote the use of renewable energy sources in…

10 12 2019 | 05:50

Save the planet, work in sustainable energy.

As students contemplate their next step in their careers in 2020, the energy sector offers current and future employment opportunities, as South Africa renews its efforts to create alternative energy…

10 12 2019 | 05:37

How much wind was in Europe's electricity yesterday?


10 12 2019 | 05:36

Floating the solar photovoltaic boat.

Solar energy is on the rise. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) there is over 480 GW of grid-linked solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity worldwide — around 175 GW of it in…

06 12 2019 | 08:23

REN21 Report Highlights Cities’ Role in Sustainable Energy Transition.

STORY HIGHLIGHTS -‘REN21 Renewables in Cities 2019 Global Status Report’ examines the role of cities in accelerating a transition to sustainable energy. -The report emphasizes that cities are…

06 12 2019 | 08:04

Low-carbon road paved with opportunities and challenges, EY says.

Few would doubt that the transition to low carbon provides the renewables industry with a massive opportunity. The challenges are not for the faint-hearted, however, as timescales accelerate,…

05 12 2019 | 07:15

The Downside of Solar Energy.

As renewable energy expands, used photovoltaic panels are creating a growing waste problem—but recycling could be the answer.

04 12 2019 | 15:34

Ireland launches auction scheme for renewables.

Solar is included among the competing sources, but with a quota of only 10%. About 12,500 GWh will be allocated across five rounds under the new scheme, which is still subject to EU state aid…

04 12 2019 | 15:33

Dutch firm plans to deliver off-grid power to one million Nigerian homes.

  Lumos has already fitted more than 100,000 solar home systems in the populous African nation Lumos Global, a Dutch company specialising in off-grid solar power, plans to light up over one million…

04 12 2019 | 15:33

Why Power-to-Gas May Flourish in a Renewables-Heavy World.

While still in its infancy, power-to-gas provides a promising approach to convert renewable power into “green” hydrogen and methane, furnishing the renewables sector with a potentially lucrative…

04 12 2019 | 15:29

For hydrogen to be truly 'clean' it must be made with renewables, not coal.

Using hydrogen as a clean fuel is an idea whose time may be coming. For Australia, producing hydrogen is alluring: it could create a lucrative new domestic industry and help the world achieve a…

04 12 2019 | 15:28

A nomadic family that lives on solar energy!

The family members said they watch the television, use an induction stove for cooking and recharge their mobile phones through the electricity generated by solar panels. COIMBATORE: At a time when…

04 12 2019 | 15:08

Is the world ready to end the coal era and embrace clean energy?

Access to electricity has transformed the world, helping countries to develop their economies, and lifting millions out of poverty. However, this success has come at a great cost: the energy sector,…

04 12 2019 | 14:58

Cheap at Last, Batteries Are Making a Solar Dream Come True.

Solar power is increasingly available around the clock as energy storage become more affordable.

04 12 2019 | 09:42

Estee Lauder signs renewable energy deal.

Estee Lauder has signed a virtual power purchase agreement for a wind farm in a move to become more sustainable. The virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) makes Estee Lauder the first prestige…

01 12 2019 | 10:09

No apologies: Africans say their need for oil cash outweighs climate concerns.

CAPE TOWN/LONDON  - A handful of protesters on the ground floor of the cavernous Cape Town International Convention Centre spread fake oil on the ground and chanted, demanding an end to fossil fuels…

30 11 2019 | 12:58

Using the power of vibration to lower geothermal costs.

Company working with NYSERDA to develop new drilling methods ALBANY _ Geothermal heating and cooling has long been an efficient way to heat and cool one’s home while using minimal energy. It…

30 11 2019 | 11:03

EU’s offshore wind goals are easy to achieve.

The E.U. Commission’s aims to achieving between 230 and 450GW of offshore wind by 2050, provided the right investments in electricity grids and Governments take the right approach to maritime spatial…

30 11 2019 | 10:32

Looking to the sun: Cranberry farmers look to build solar panels over bogs.

CARVER — Plummeting cranberry prices and the country’s ongoing trade wars have America’s cranberry industry eyeing a possible new savior: solar power. Some cranberry farmers in Massachusetts, the…

30 11 2019 | 10:23

UN: Fighting destructive global warming requires ramp-up in renewables ambition.

A UN report has urged global leaders to stage a dramatic scale-up of renewables deployment, the latest in a series of such warnings issued by world authorities ahead of next week’s climate talks.…