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19 12 2023 | 18:36

Call me all the names you want – I won’t stop telling the truth about livestock farming

Everything that makes campaigning against fossil fuels difficult is 10 times harder when it comes to opposing livestock farming. Here you will find a similar suite of science denial, misinformation…

11 12 2023 | 22:33

Cop28 is a farce rigged to fail, but there are other ways we can try to save the planet

Let’s face it: climate summits are broken. The delegates talk and talk, while Earth systems slide towards deadly tipping points. Since the climate negotiations began in 1992 more carbon dioxide from…

01 12 2023 | 13:50

Here’s a question Cop28 won’t address: why are billionaires blocking action to save the planet?

It’s obscene that the super-rich can criminalise protest, while they burn the world’s resources and remain untouched by the law Don’t they have children? Don’t they have grandchildren? Don’t rich…

01 11 2023 | 17:50

The ‘flickering’ of Earth systems is warning us: act now, or see our already degraded paradise lost

Can you see it yet? The Earth systems horizon – the point at which our planetary systems tip into a new equilibrium, hostile to most lifeforms? I think we can. The sudden acceleration of…

19 07 2023 | 14:10

The hard right and climate catastrophe are intimately linked. This is how

Round the cycle turns. As millions are driven from their homes by climate disasters, the extreme right exploits their misery to extend its reach. As the extreme right gains power, climate programmes…

05 07 2023 | 10:00

When it comes to rich countries taking the environment seriously, I say: vive la France

While we remain transfixed by a handful of needy egotists in Westminster and the crises they manufacture, across the Channel a revolution is happening. It’s a quiet, sober, thoughtful revolution, but…

12 06 2023 | 09:14

‘Farming good, factory bad’, we think. When it comes to the global food crisis, it isn’t so simple

No issue is more important, and none so shrouded in myth and wishful thinking. The way we feed ourselves is the key determinant of whether we survive this century, as no other sector is as damaging…

06 06 2023 | 08:37

As the toxic legacy of opencast mining in Wales shows, operators get the profits, and the public get the costs

Across the UK, fossil fuel companies’ broken promises have left scarred and polluted landscapes, and no one held accountable. When you’re in a hole, keep digging. This is the strategy of opencast…

04 05 2023 | 11:48

I back saboteurs who have acted with courage and coherence, but I won’t blow up a pipeline. Here’s why

There’s a fundamental principle that should apply to every conflict. Don’t urge others to do what you are not prepared to do yourself. How many wars would be fought if the presidents or prime…

10 02 2023 | 11:30

‘Let them eat lentils’ won’t save us from animal farming – we must embrace meat substitutes

Our insatiable appetite for meat is destroying the planet. But the alternative is looking (and tasting) better by the day