Are you correctly assessing the value of your solar assets?

20 11 2019 | 05:06

Try out our satellite data service for free and see if your performance estimations truly reflect reality

Historical data:
Solar resource data: Evaluate the potential of a geographical point
Basic historical data: Receive irradiation and generic information (wind speed, T°C, ...)
Expected yield: Evaluate production losses over the last 24 hours or evaluate the simulated historical production on a dedicated period

Real-time data:
Rely on the most accurate data to make the best decisions 
Complete your pyranometer data for validated and precise irradiance data

Login and use this code: 1SC19

* Use this discount code with a value of 432 EUR in our webshop to retrieve a long-term dataset covering the entire full historical period at hourly resolution for any site. You can also retrieve other shorter datasets for multiple sites at any resolution for this amount. Valid until 31/12/2019.


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18 November 2019




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