Greece sets new records for renewable energy electricity generation.

27 09 2020 | 08:35

On September 14th, according to WindEurope, wind power covered 40% of Greece’s energy use, the highest percentage covered by wind power in Europe.

According to national data released on the same day, wind and solar power sources provided for 51% of the country’s needs, a percentage that is increased to 57% when also including hydroelectric power. This is a record for the country.

Greece has cultivated a rich variety of renewable energy sources in recent years. The country hopes to avoid the use of non-renewable energy as much as possible.

Greece currently leads the Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK, and many other European nations in terms of renewable energy produced.

Greece’s government has pledged to move away from traditional energy sources completely in the next eight years, utilizing only renewable forms of energy such as wind, solar, and hydroelectric power.



21 September 2020