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19 05 2020 | 07:51

US$130trn investment needed for carbon neutrality by 2060.

A US$130trn investment to 2050 could help to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2060, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency’s (IRENA’s) inaugural Global Renewables Outlook.

15 05 2020 | 07:54

Investors to governments: Build back better, or deal with escalating climate risks.

As governments claw their way out of the pandemic, they must not lose sight of the climate crisis to safeguard investors and economies from escalating risks from global heating, a global network of…

15 05 2020 | 07:36

Investing for tomorrow, because Energy subsidies will decline 25% by 2050 – analysis.

IRENA has modelled energy subsidies to 2030 and 2050 for their pathway to meet the Paris targets. Here, Michael Taylor summarises their findings. Firstly, they estimate today’s global direct energy…

08 05 2020 | 10:54

3 Reasons to Invest in Renewable Energy Now.

As the human tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic worsens, global restrictions to stop the spread of the virus — including stay-at-home orders, business closures and travel prohibitions — may contribute …

21 04 2020 | 10:51

IRENA’s Global Renewables Outlook: Renewable energy can support resilient and equitable recovery.

IRENA’s first Global Renewables Outlook shows decarbonisation of the energy system supports short-term recovery while creating resilient and inclusive economies and societies

19 04 2020 | 07:29

Seychelles readies the world’s largest salt-water floating solar plant.

It will be built across 40,000 square meters of water Located in the Indian Ocean archipelago, and with a population of just 25,400 souls, Seychelles is putting together the world’s largest floating…

19 04 2020 | 07:23

African Union and IRENA to Advance Renewables in Response to COVID-19 .

Renewable energy solutions will provide fast response to the global coronavirus pandemic and build more resilient energy systems

13 04 2020 | 08:20

Renewables Boomed In 2019, But This Year May Be Different.

enewable energy projects constituted three-quarters of all new power generation capacity projects in the world last year, the International Renewable Energy Agency said in a new report. In even…

13 04 2020 | 08:15

IRENA sees solar growth in Asia and renewables trends continuing.

As had been the case in 2018, Asia reaped the lion’s share of IRENA’s solar addition figures for 2019. The global body believes 60% of solar installs worldwide was commissioned in the continent,…

09 04 2020 | 10:10

Renewables surge by 176GW in 2019

Solar and wind accounted for 90% of new additions in 12-month period, according to IRENA The renewable energy sector added 176GW of generating capacity globally in 2019, slightly lower than the…

08 04 2020 | 11:35

BNEF predicts slow-down in clean energy economy due to Covid-19.

According to the latest data released by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), it appears likely that the coronavirus outbreak will be a significant global crisis, triggering an economic slowdown. In…

08 04 2020 | 11:22

The investment case for energy transition in Africa.

Falling technology costs have made renewable energy a cost-effective way to generate power in countries all over the world, which would drive further development and improved economy. Despite the…

07 04 2020 | 08:11

If The Virus Can Decimate Global Economies So Can Climate Change.

When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and the Soviet Union ultimately collapsed in 1991, the world changed. The end to the Cold War corresponded with prosperity, balanced budgets and the rise of dot.coms…

29 03 2020 | 14:27

Capturing the full value of energy storage.

The International Renewable Energy Agency has devised a valuation framework to lay the foundations for successful storage deployment. As the technology matures and moves toward a projected fall in…

26 03 2020 | 08:59

IRENA Director-General says oil price won’t impact renewable strategies.

IRENA Director-General Francesco La Camera expressed his feelings toward the current market situation noting that the oil market volatility is unlikely to have a significant impact on renewable…

20 03 2020 | 08:02

What is the impact of Covid-19 on the power sector?

The Covid-19 coronavirus was first identified in China’s Hubei province in December 2019 and has since become a global health threat, impacting 140 countries and triggering the World Health…

20 03 2020 | 07:19

The Status Quo of Sustainable Fashion.

Sustainability is trending in the fashion industry. But what’s behind the PR slogans of the big brands promoting textile recycling? And where lie the chances and barriers for change? Facts, figures,…

12 03 2020 | 07:57

An Ambitious Year for Climate Action Is a Big Year for Women’s Empowerment.

Frank Rijsberman, Director General, and Ingvild Solvang, Head of Climate Action and Inclusive Development, GGGI SEOUL, South Korea, Mar 9 2020 (IPS) - This year, the Paris Agreement’s effectiveness…

12 03 2020 | 07:50

Waste in the Renewable Energy Industry and How We Can Sustainably Power Our World.

When it comes to the life cycle of renewable energy, there is an increasing concern for how to handle the disposal of waste. Renewable energy, such as solar, wind and hydroelectric, while cleaner…

12 03 2020 | 07:32

Funding a fairer energy transition.

The Climate Investment Platform (CIP) launched last September to fast-track renewable energy investments in developing countries.