Kate Ng

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29 01 2022 | 08:40

Doug McMaster interview: ‘Zero waste is not about the individual’

A decade of learning, experimenting and making mistakes has resulted in McMaster’s restaurant Silo’s impressive closed-loop system. Kate Ng explores the trailblazing chef’s ideas for a future free…

28 11 2021 | 07:12

Is toxic masculinity the reason there are so many climate-hesitant men?

With Cop26 coming to an end and the climate crisis more prevalent than ever, why are some men still so hesitant to change their everyday habits to save the environment? Kate Ng investigates

30 07 2021 | 09:20

How to make your next takeaway dinner more environmentally-friendly

As our consumption habits change to reduce our impact on the planet, Kate Ng takes a look at how we can make takeaways more environmentally friendly