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15 01 2022 | 11:32

Concerns for life in Western Australia’s Pilbara after 50.7C heat record matche

The heatwave sweeping the vast region prompts calls for authorities to consider how to make it more sustainable

10 01 2022 | 06:35

World’s largest coal port to be 100% powered by renewable energy

Port of Newcastle says move is part of plan to decarbonise the business by 2040 and ‘we don’t really have a choice’ The world’s largest coal port has announced it will now be powered entirely by…

06 12 2021 | 09:17

California will name and categorise heatwaves – should Australia follow suit?

Heatwaves kill more people in Australia than all other natural disasters combined, and some experts believe naming them might help reduce deaths California has become the latest jurisdictions to…

06 12 2021 | 09:00

Chalk paint and police raids: why climate activists are under fire

Heavy police tactics, punitive bail conditions, private lawsuits and anti-protest laws are being used to silence dissent, human rights advocates say As protesters obstructed coal trains bound for…

30 10 2021 | 09:30

A 7m wall has gone up on a Sydney beach: are we destroying public space to save private property?

Beachfront residents back the Collaroy wall but other locals worry the beach will disappear for longer periods as climate change increasingly drives coastal erosion. “We really didn’t want to build…