AFRICA: RES4Africa and GWEC team up to develop renewable energy sources.

10 12 2019 | 06:15

The Renewable Energy Solutions for Africa Foundation (RES4Africa) and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) have agreed to carry out activities to promote the use of renewable energy sources in Africa.

The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and the Renewable Energy Solutions for Africa Foundation (RES4Africa) have decided to work together on renewable energy in Africa. The objective is to promote the use of these less polluting energy supplies on the African continent, which is struggling to bring electricity to its entire population.

The two organisations have thus committed themselves by signing a partnership agreement. It stipulates that GWEC and RES4Africa will pool their resources to organise training projects on renewable energy, like lectures and seminars. The agreement also provides for publications on renewable energy in Africa.

GWEC and RES4Africa will produce reports, technical studies and analyses on renewable energy production. The two organisations also plan conferences, workshops and events as part of their partnership.

“Africa’s energy system needs more renewable energy to support an ever-increasing population, increasing urbanisation rates and growing electricity demand, and to enable economic growth and investment in key social activities such as education,” said Ben Backwell, CEO of the GWEC. This collaboration is in line with the strategies of both organisations.

It is important for the RES4Africa Foundation whose mission is to create an enabling environment for renewable energy investments in African countries to meet electricity needs. To date, more than 600 million people living on the old continent do not have access to electricity. Providing electricity to these Africans from renewable sources will enable sustainable development both economically and socially.

For its part, the GWEC is active worldwide through the promotion of wind energy. It is a source of electricity supply whose use is beginning to be highly valued on the African continent. Major wind energy projects are under development or under study in several countries, from Egypt to South Africa, Senegal and Kenya.




4 December 2019