Japanese floater spins into action.

13 06 2019 | 11:21

Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization has inaugurated a floating offshore wind turbine off the coast of the Asian country.

The Hibiki machine was installed in waters with a depth of 50 metres some 15km off the coast of Kitakyushu.

It features a two-bladed Aerodyn 3MW turbine on Ideol’s damping pool floating platform.

NEDO said the demo aims to test the “validity of the system’s design ... by comparing design values with various measurement values obtained from the demonstration system, such as those pertaining to electricity production power generation, wave pressure, and mooring force”.

It added that technologies will also be developed for the “efficient maintenance of the floater and mooring system using a remotely-controlled unmanned submersible vehicle and for the failure prediction diagnosis system for the wind turbine”.

Ideol chief executive Paul de la Gueriviere said: “Ideol is the only floating wind technology provider with two full-scale demonstrators in two of the most strategic floating wind markets.

“Testing different hull and mooring materials, working with different wind turbines, designing and engineering according to different standards and class requirements while successfully collaborating with large international corporations throughout the construction and installation phases are unique assets when preparing oneself for tomorrow’s commercial-scale deployments.”




6 June 2019