Hi, I am Hazel Akinyi, from Kenya.

14 05 2021 | 10:20

My name is Hazel Akinyi, I am from Nairobi, Kenya.

I got a degree in Environmental science from Maseno University in December 2018. Living in rural Western Kenya has thrown many challenges on my face. I have experienced firsthand effects of our habits and businesses on the Environment which is catastrophic and universal. Lake Victoria which is our main source of livelihood in the community has experienced flooding and been exposed to toxic substances. Millions of people in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya that depends on Lake Victoria for livelihood have found it extremely hard to cope with the situation.

I have also grown-up experiencing energy inequality. Using smoky lanterns that uses kerosene was the order of the day. It was hard to study with them let alone to afford them. It is a pity that by the end of the day all of us are competing for the same opportunities with those that had electricity access. My motivation is that; I know the experience and pain of energy injustice, that is why I do not want others to be left behind. Every day I experience how hard it is to live in Africa. Even with a good education it is hard to get a paid job. Africa needs jobs!

In 2020 I started as a volunteer on the project team of BreakTheDivide-Energy in The Netherlands. I believe that its time not to be afraid to give new ideas and solutions a try! We should be more open.

I am also a TRAVELLER in the 2021 challenge.

This could be cure for all.

Rob Leegwater trusts that empowerment of students and young graduates can change the world faster and better. When I ask Rob why he is sharing his work with me, he keeps telling me that I know the answer.

He is convinced that in this stage of sustainable development, we need more social engineering and less mechanical engineering. Sustainable development is, different from what we regard as economic. This time efficiency for the short and for the long term. We both have trust in the unlimited strength of worldwide community development.

Please watch part 1 and 2 of this inspiring introduction:
Introduction part 1  Introduction part 2 

The 2021 challenge is a unique worldwide challenge for youth empowerment. I am also convinced that affordable energy for all people in my country will empower them and offer them same opportunities for development as in developed countries. It is the key for all sustainable development goals.

I am going to lead a team of 4 to 5 other young TRAVELLERS who are also deeply passionate about positive change.

My team cannot do this alone. That is why we also help building an organization of 250 other team leaders from around the world. It means that we can empower and educate 1.000 young people! All change makers for a better world.

This is a challenge that will serve all people in the world.

It is our goal to change the ‘World’s Energy Bill’.
Web page WorldsEnergyBill 

Continuum mechanics is how nature works.

It might not be easy to understand, but how it can work out for our environment and people is all that count.

The steps that we travel together:

In the first stage we will make sure that scientist around the world will get familiar with continuum mechanics. That will take us only 12 months!

The second task is that the teams will supervise the creation of two new ‘energy’ machines that will serve the people.
White paper continuum mechanics 

And finally, we will use our expertise to finance and demonstrate this new technology in several community projects.

It is an exciting thought that in only 12 months’ time all scientific institutes from around the world can embrace continuum mechanics as the way to go. The way to end the fossil fuel and nuclear power era.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.
With this budget I can cover the team expenses. We can hire expertise when we need it. We can communicate with our donors, communities, and businesses. Success will depend on how much time my team can spend on the challenge.

More TRAVELLERS are welcome!
We welcome more team leaders from around the world. Please share this message! We need to act now.


Redanheyi is applied as the management model for the 2021 challenge. All the Travellers are self-organizing micro enterprises. Close to the user, operating from their own culture in their own language. The MCs are sharing the eco-system of BreakTheDivide-Energy. The best way to empower 1000 young people from around the world.

Important to know!

There are no fundraising platforms that work in all countries around the world.

That is the reason that this fundraiser is facilitated by BreakTheDivide-Energy association in The Netherlands, Chamber of Commerce 81537794, under the supervision of chairperson Rob Leegwater.

BreakTheDivide-Energy association has presented a transparent withdrawal plan to the beneficiary who lives in an unsupported country. BreakTheDivide-Energy takes the responsibility for delivering the funds to the beneficiary.



14 May 2021